Before shelling out precious money to buy the stroller that captured your fancy, think first of how, who, and where it shall be used. Parents often take this simple baby equipment for granted, but understand that it literally holds your little angel’s life. Therefore, choosing one that perfectly fits the family’s lifestyle in terms of function, and not style, should be prioritized.

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Your standard baby stroller might fall short while taking your baby out on bumpy rides. For new parents who would like to get in shape, and maybe take their baby along in their jogging adventures, they can opt for a jogging stroller. The best feature of this baby stroller workout is the fact that you can include your whole family in it. You and your partner can push your little running mate by taking turns.
Unfortunately, regular strollers are not built as sturdy or safe as a jogging stroller. The entire ride will be bumpy and uncomfortable for your baby in the rough jogging terrain. If the unthinkable happens, the baby stroller can start sliding on its own in the middle of the run.
These are our top reasons why you should get a new jogging stroller and get started on a healthy lifestyle.

Made for the Job

If you plan to start running with your baby, then keep in mind that not all strollers are specifically built for the task. For one, the terrain can be rocky and not as smooth as you would expect. Also, the baby can get fussy in the middle of the road- which is a terrifying thought. Hence, you might want to invest in a stroller that is specifically designed for a rougher terrain and increased speeds.

Safety Issues

The safety of your baby is your priority, therefore,you need a sturdily built stroller, good suspension, shock absorbers, and other such safety features. To prevent the stroller from sliding away before you, jogging strollers are provided with wrist straps and a hand brake. Hence, the baby remains safe as you burn those extra calories.

Includes the Family

Including the whole family in your runs is rewarding in itself. The baby will enjoy the sights and sounds of your running track and observe everything attentively. You and your partner can take turns in pushing the stroller, increasing both fitness and mutual warmth.

Moreover, jogging with your child under your close supervision is a rewarding and relaxing experience as you can run tension free. Hence, when buying a new pram for your baby, consider a jogging stroller and its innumerable benefits for your fitness and health.

Affordable Cost

Jogging strollers are available for as cheap as $100 to a wide range ending at around $600. Cheaper models are more rigid and harder to push compared to the more expensive ones. Again, the more high-end strollers have better safety features and shock absorption capabilities; making the ride smoother for both the baby and you. So you basically get what you pay for in the first place.

Doctors suggest that babies should be six to eight months old before you start taking them out on your workout sessions on the stroller. This is due to the fact that babies younger than that do not have sturdy necks that can support their own weight. That said, get your baby accustomed to motion by choosing a smooth terrain in the first few sessions.

A stroller is an expensive purchase and one that babies use only for short intervals of time. So it comes as no surprise that new parents find it difficult to decide on the right product. To help you out through this dilemma, here are a few tips for buying a baby stroller:

Baby Stroller

1. Set an ideal budget: The best way to narrow down your choices is to fix a clear budget. There are strollers in all price ranges, everything from below $100 to $600 and upwards. While there is no need to splurge on an expensive deluxe stroller, it is also advisable to not go for a cheap product. After all you want to have a good time while taking your child out. It is best to avoid the irritations and hassles of rickety wheels or weak carriages. We feel that something in the $120 – $200 price range should be a safe bet.

2. Take a test drive:

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take your stroller for a test ride before making the purchase. Comfort for the child and maneuverability of the vehicle are two of the most important criteria to consider. Many strollers seem fine when they are empty but the moment they get a little heavy, it becomes impossible to handle. So it is best to keep a few items and gear in the carriage while taking it out for a test ride. Check how well it responds to your touch and if it can handle some extra load.

3. Is there ideal storage space?

You will rarely be taking your child out for a stroll without running some errands at the same time. This could include grocery shopping or a quick visits to friends. But having a basket under the stroller can really be a big help in these situations. You can also keep baby gear like blankets, pacifiers and diapers here. Some strollers will also have storage spaces on the handlebars, which let you keep a bottle of water for yourself.

4. Is it easily foldable?

Most families would definitely prefer a stroller that can be packed up in a compact manner. This helps save space in the house and also makes it easier transport in a car. Though most strollers can be folded, that does not mean that it is always an easy task. There are many that you literally need to wrestle with to get into a proper position. And then they might spring back open at slightest touch. So make sure that you personally try folding and unfolding the stroller before buying it.

Of course, most of these tips for buying a baby stroller become void if you are purchasing one online. However, it is always best to purchase from a traditional store, as you will get to properly try it out before buying. But if you are getting a great online bargain, then be sure to read up on reviews and user experiences on specific models. This will help you in making a thorough and informed decision.